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Flash Legacies Episode 16

Hey it's been a while but I'm back with a new episode and with issues of the Justice League no less. While we're exploring Paris with some of Earth's mightiest heroes (oh wait that's the other guys) we're also getting a look at how 3 people manage to survive a 2000 mile road trip and not end up killing each other in the process. As long as they remember to take that left turn at Albuquerque that is

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Here's the version of the commentary with the film in the background. I personally prefer it this way since I'm usually listening to these things away from what's actually on but there's bound to be people who want to watch along too.

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Flash Legacies Episode 15

It's been 2 years since I started doing this so to celebrate I've got something a little special for you...

Although only tangentally connected to what we've been covering, and what we wil be covering, there's a certain TV pilot movie that is kind of.... not great. Turns out however that there are things in it that people can be complimentary about. Don't believe me? Well then listen to this commentary track I did for the Justice League TV Pilot with the incredible Shawn Engel. We've got two versions of this on here. One without the movie sounds, so you can listen along while watching, and one that has them in case you like that sort of thing.

This is the version without the soundtrack in the background

Check out Shawn's main show over at Two True Freaks.

Just One of the Guys -

Oh and check out Who True Freaks where Shawn chats about Dr Who with a bunch of awesome people and I occasionally show up too

Who True Freaks -

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Another day, another crossover... or at least the continuation of one. Listen to Shawn and myself finish up the Green Lantern and Flash crossover before we look at a great issue of Guy Gardner (especially considering last week's issue =S). Check out episode 67 over atthe show's home at I'm gonna go watch me some MST3K now. Need to choose.... Gamera or Prince of Space....

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Did you know that Kyle Rayner is awesome? If so then hopefully you've already been listening to "Just One of the Guys" where Shawn Engel has been talking about his many adventures along with tales of Guy Gardner Warrior. Well if you like listening to me ramble on about comics then go check out episode 66 as I join him to look at one of the first meetings of our favourite Scarlet Speedster and the brand new Emerald Gladiator. Check all this out at his shows new home at

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 Flash Legacies Episode 14

A little later than I would've liked but here we are with Episode 14. We finish up our look at Invasion!, we finish with Manhunter in Cuba, a villain from the future appears and a science experiment is set up.

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Flash Legacies Episode 13

It worries me when the only cover that has the correct/then current Flash Logo is an issue of Captain Atom. It's worse when Wally's contribution to said issue is his head in a crowd on the last panel of the comic. Anyways, this time around we get to look at issues 19, 20 and 21 of Flash, issue 8 of Manhunter and have a look at what's going on in Invasion! #1. Dominators, Durlans and Dads all make an appearance this time.

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Flash Legacies Episode 12

Our episode this time covers more of the Adventures of Speed McGee along with a few brief interludes with Wally's parents and Chunk.

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Flash Legacies Episode 11

So this time we've a new team of creators taking Wally on the next part of his story with junkie collectors, doctor's couches, a cyclical life and a mini Russian rampage. The rampage is small not the Russian.

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Flash Legacies Episode 10

Hey again. It's been a year since I started this and I'm still going which is cool. Now this was in no way planned but somehow I've been able to tie in my first year of the podcast to the first year of Wally's Flash title. I've also somehow been able to finish off this storyline and also finish off the stories from the first creative team (yeah spoilers - we've got new guys in next time). Well this episode we have drugs and not the fun Charlie Sheen type drugs. No this time it's much worse O_O

Oh and check out the All-New All-Different Facebook page -

I'll be doing my best to keep it updated and steal... sorry report whatever news I think is interesting that is at least in some way Flash related.

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